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Get to Know Raymond Lowery, DDS

Sometimes when you visit the dentist, it’s difficult to know what treatments are right for you and why you need them. Many dentists can perform dentistry well, but they aren’t quite capable of communicating with dental patients. As a result, the patient-dentist relationship becomes strained, making dental visits more difficult and knowing which dentistry treatments you need an arduous task.

When you visit Pasadena Family Dentistry, you’re not just getting dental treatments. You’re also getting a philosophy that puts patients first.

For this reason, as well as many others, Pasadena Family Dentistry has decided to bring Dr. Raymond Lowery onto our dental team! Dr. Revel and Dr. Holmes have spent a long time looking for the right person that can offer the same great care patients are used to, as well as accommodate their busy schedules.

Now that they have, we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know him and the path that brought him to Pasadena!

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Why Did You Decide to Become a Dentist?

Pasadena Texas dentist Raymond Lowery D D S

Like many of us, Dr. Lowery wasn’t sure what his career was going to be while in high school and entering college. However, he was lucky to have a member of his family who often talked with him about her experience in the dental field. His mother was a dental assistant for years, so he understood the lifestyle and knew what to expect.

Additionally, he was regularly in and out of the orthodontist’s office for braces, and after enough visits, the dental field “clicked” for him. After studying engineering for a few years, he transitioned to medicine because it allowed him to not only combine the art of dental treatment and the science of engineering, but it is because his own orthodontist became an unofficial mentor before he began practicing. Now that he’s out of dental school, he’s very excited to build patient relationships at Pasadena.

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Where Did You Study Dentistry?

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Dr. Lowery attended the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston and earned his certification in nitrous oxide. During his residency, he took away the important lesson of always keeping up with new technology, continuing his dental education, and most importantly, how to help patients understand the benefits of keeping good oral health. To him, explaining why patients need care in a way they can best understand is a key part of the job, as well as building trust that lasts a lifetime.

Furthermore, he understands that there is always more than one solution to a dental problem. Giving patients more than one option shows he cares about their input, not just getting them treatment and moving on. Dr. Lowery is used to the demographic Pasadena serves daily, so he’s very excited to provide treatment to a base that cares about their oral health, how to maintain it, and how to improve it for the future.

Outside of the Dental Office, What Do You Like to Do?

When Dr. Lowery isn’t sitting in the dental chair, you’ll most likely find him with his wife and son. As for hobbies, he enjoys going for a run, exercising, hitting balls on the golf course, or playing baseball with his friends. When he’s not cheering on his favorite team, the Houston Astros, he’s more than happy to help you achieve optimal oral health! We hope you feel comfortable striking up a conversation the next time you visit him in Pasadena!

Doctor Lowery his wife and child Doctor Lowery and his wife
Doctor Lowery and his family