Panoramic X-Rays – Pasadena, TX

A Clearer Way to Detect Problem Areas

A Panorex image is an X-ray that depicts a panoramic view of your mouth, from one side to the other. This image allows us to check for diseases that usually go unnoticed by dental patients but can be serious, like cysts, tumors, or other pathology. A Panorex can also reveal problematic wisdom teeth or missing/extra teeth in a child that will affect their dental development.

The Big Picture

Dentist pointing to panoramic x rays of dental patient's smile

While a regular dental X-ray is great for getting a close look at a few specific teeth, a Panorex allows us to see how all of the teeth sit in relation to one another. This can not only help us find potential trouble spots, but it can also show issues with the entire bite. Plus, taking multiple Panorex images over the course of several appointments can help us detect overall changes in the position of your teeth before they become noticeable, allowing us to intervene as soon as we need to.