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Our dentists want you to feel right at home from the moment you step through our doors. And, whether you’ve come to see us for dental implants or are interested in cosmetic dentistry, you can trust they’ll provide what you need at the highest possible level while prioritizing your comfort each step of the way.

Meet the Dentists

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Meet the Dental Team

Well-Seasoned & Eager to Serve

Some of our dental team members have been with our dental office for over 20 years, so they are experts at delivering fast and friendly service (which is especially handy if you need emergency dentistry). They are ready to exceed your expectations again and again.

Meet The Team

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We’re able to offer everything from standard dental checkups and teeth cleanings to more advanced procedures like root canal treatment, and we can also provide high-quality, custom-made dentures. You can relax because you’ll always be in great hands here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t want you to feel like you’re being pushed toward dental treatments that you don’t fully understand. We want to be your partners in protecting your oral health, and to that end, we aim to make sure that you’re as informed as possible when it comes to dentistry. In the following FAQs, we have answered a number of common dental questions. Naturally, we’re more than happy to answer any other questions you might have, whether it’s over the phone or during your next appointment.

How Do I Get Emergency Dental Care?

Hospital emergency rooms often lack the means to effectively deal with infected teeth and other types of dental emergencies. Thus, when urgent dental care is needed, your best option is typically to call your dentist. Our team will strive to see you as soon as possible; in fact, we can often schedule an emergency appointment on the same day as your call so that you can get the care you deserve sooner rather than later.

Please call 911 if your emergency involves symptoms that could put your life in danger, such as oral swelling that makes it hard to swallow or breathe.

How Do I Find the Best Place to Get Dental Work Done?

The best way to narrow down the dental practice that’s right for you is to make a list of the traits you’re looking for. Examples of things you might put on this list include:

  • A practice that will accept your dental insurance.
  • A practice that you can get to easily from your home or place of business.
  • A practice with hours that are convenient for you.
  • A dental team that will treat you as an individual and not a number.

Take your time to look for a practice that matches your needs, and don’t forget to look at their online reviews.

How Much Does a Dental Checkup and Cleaning Cost in Pasadena, TX?

Regular dental checkups and cleanings can potentially give us a chance to stop dental problems before they start. The average cost for these routine services often falls between $200 and $350, but it should be noted that the geography of the practice, your dental health, and other factors can all influence the amount you pay. Insurance also needs to be taken into account; double-check your plan to see what coverage is available for preventive care.

What Do You Do If You Can’t Afford a Dentist?

We don’t want any of our patients to let concerns about cost prevent them from getting the care they need. As such, we can file any dental insurance claims on your behalf and assist you in getting the most out of your benefits. Uninsured patients can sign up for our in-house dental savings plan, which covers a wide range of preventive treatments and provides a 15% discount on other services. We also offer financing options via CareCredit and Lending Club. Call us today if you want to find out more about our options for making dentistry more affordable.


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Whether you’re struggling with a toothache, interested in cosmetic dentistry, or need gum disease treatment, our dental team is here to help! We’re conveniently located at 3602 Vista Road, Suite H. Although we are in Pasadena, we happily welcome dental patients from all over, including those looking for a dentist near Deer Park or a dental office near League City. You’ll find us near Bayshore Medical Tower, Terreno Vista Townhomes, and the Faith Assembly of God – Pasadena. Your GPS should make finding us a breeze, but if you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to get in touch!