6 Simple Home Remedies for Toothaches

July 11, 2023

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Toothaches can be a major inconvenience, and anyone is susceptible. They often result from infection beneath the gum line, damaged teeth, or nerve irritation. If left untreated, they can progress into tooth decay or gum disease and can cause serious damage to your oral health.

If you have a sore tooth, it’s important to address it early on in order to avoid a potential dental emergency down the road. Call your dentist to make an appointment, and while you wait, you can try these at-home remedies to alleviate the pain.

#1: Ice Therapy

Extreme cold can numb your gums and the root of the painful tooth to provide temporary respite from discomfort. You can try wrapping ice in a towel and pressing it to the affected area for 15 minutes at a time. Alternatively, you could hold ice water in your mouth for several seconds at a time. Remember, though, that you don’t want to chomp down on hard ice cubes; it could cause additional damage. If you’re looking for quick relief until you can see the dentist, this is a great option!

#2: Saltwater Rinse

Rinsing your mouth with saltwater when your tooth is tender can be helpful for two reasons:

  • Remove harmful materials. Rinsing can serve to dislodge any particles or germs from between your teeth.
  • Disinfect. Salt is a natural disinfectant that can actually reduce uncomfortable swelling.

Washing with saltwater provides much-needed cleansing while you wait for your dentist appointment!

#3: Clove Oil

Clove oil is a popular essential oil containing eugenol, which acts as a natural antiseptic. It can be harmful in large quantities, though, so it’s important to use it correctly. If you have clove oil in the house, you might try:

  • Applying a drop or two to a cotton ball and then apply it where it hurts.
  • Placing a drop directly to the affected tooth.
  • Putting a drop or two into a glass of water and using it like a mouthwash.

#4: Peppermint Tea Bags

Tea bags make an excellent home remedy for toothaches and can be used either as a cold or a warm compress. Peppermint has natural bacteria-fighting properties, which makes peppermint team bags a great temporary at-home remedy for a toothache.

Though this is an excellent method to help soothe the sting until you can be seen, bear in mind that tea can leave stains on your enamel. Use this option sparingly.

#5: Hydrogen Peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide as a rinse can not only relieve inflammation, but it can also diminish damaging plaque buildup and heal bleeding gums. It’s important to dilute the chemical using 3% hydrogen peroxide with equal parts water. While it’s safe to rinse with this solution, do not swallow!

#6: Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a popular ingredient in cooking or baking so you might have this one in your kitchen pantry. It contains alcohol which can numb your sore tooth. Check your bottle, though! Imitation vanilla is also common but does not work the same way, so be sure yours is real vanilla extract.

Any of these options allow for temporary relief from toothaches and are easy to find around the house or with a quick trip to a local store. There’s no need to suffer while you wait for your appointment. Try these at-home remedies to lessen the pain!

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