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Put Your Smile First in 2020 with Teeth Whitening

January 29, 2020

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before and after teeth whiteningAs we start a new year, you’re busy making your New Year’s resolutions. As you commit to paying off debt or exercising regularly, is investing in your confidence at the top of your list? Believe it or not, the appearance of your teeth is directly linked to your self-esteem. If you’ve been feeling insecure about your dark, discolored smile, you can start the new year looking and feeling your best with the help of your cosmetic dentist. You can get a bright, white smile in 2020 with professional teeth whitening.

When to See an Emergency Dentist Over the Holidays

December 3, 2019

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woman wearing winter warm clothes over Christmas decorationsWhether you slip and fall while hanging up holiday lights or crack a tooth on a hard piece of candy from your stocking, dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them – even during the festive holiday season. Some minor emergencies can be temporarily treated at home, while more serious cases require urgent dental care. How do you know when to seek immediate treatment? Here is a helpful guide on what to do if a dental emergency occurs over the holidays.

Celebrating Halloween? Consider These Essential Tips First!

October 21, 2019

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A bucket of Halloween candy being spilled.If your child loves to dress up as their favorite superhero or cartoon character, they’re probably quite excited to show it off to their neighbors and get free candy for doing so. It’s practically a dream-come-true! While going door-to-door to get candy is incredibly fun, it’s important to keep in mind that candy can be considerably harmful to their oral health. If you want to reduce the risk of your child developing cavities, keep these Halloween candy tips in mind before you walk with them around the neighborhood.



How Does Teeth Whitening in Pasadena Work?

July 15, 2019

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before and after teeth whitening

As we head deeper into summer, demand for teeth whitening is starting to increase. Maybe you have considered getting your teeth whitened. But is it safe? How exactly does it work? What causes teeth to be not white in the first place? Don’t worry. A dentist is here to answer all of your questions about teeth whitening in Pasadena.


Need a Root Canal in Pasadena? It’s Much Easier Than You Think!

May 5, 2019

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If there’s one dental procedure that people are afraid of, it’s root canals. But they’re much easier than you would expect! Believe it or not, many patients say their root canal in Pasadena was no more painful than getting a simple filling. In addition, root canals save your teeth from being extracted, which is incredibly important for the health of your smile. Since Root Canal Awareness Week is May 6th-12th, it’s a great time to learn more about this procedure and why it doesn’t deserve its bad reputation!


How a Sedation Dentist in Pasadena Can Help You to Get the Care You Need

March 21, 2019

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smiling woman at dentistModern dentistry is able to treat a wider array of oral health problems than ever before. Unfortunately, some people put off getting the care they need due to fears about the treatment process. If that sounds like you, then we have good news. Your sedation dentist in Pasadena can make the experience as simple as taking a nap and waking up with a better smile. Sedation dentistry is gentle, safe, and effective.


Your Children’s Dentist in Pasadena Lists 5 Ways to Promote Oral Health!

February 25, 2019

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child smiling while brushing her teethFebruary has been designated as National Children’s Dental Health Month, which is a time dedicated to encouraging parents to take a more active role in their children’s dental wellness. In an effort to further raise awareness and aid in this quest, your children’s dentist in Pasadena lists 5 helpful strategies you can implement immediately!


How a Cosmetic Dentist in Pasadena Plans Your Smile Makeover

January 6, 2019

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A patient pointing at her smile during a dental exam.Advances in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible to fix even the most severe cosmetic dental problems. Permanently discolored teeth can be improved through stronger bleaching solutions, while chipped teeth can be covered or reshaped with high quality dental materials.

However, one of the most important benefits of cosmetic dentistry is that you’ll have a cosmetic dentist in Pasadena by your side to hear your needs. This consultation is one of the most important steps you can take as you begin your journey to a beautiful and natural-looking smile in the new year.



Healthy Holiday Party Tips from Your Dentist in Pasadena

December 3, 2018

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People at holiday party.Now that the holidays are here, your calendar is sure to be occupied with family, friends, work parties, and events filled with holiday cheer and yummy treats. You may already be watching your waistline during this season of sugar, but you may not have thought about how to take care of your teeth. Thankfully, your dentist in Pasadena has some healthy holiday tips you can use to keep your oral health in tip top shape while still enjoying all the festivities this season has to offer.


Get Ready for Holiday Photos with Teeth Whitening in Pasadena!

November 20, 2018

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woman sitting in dentist chair smilingCan you believe that the year is almost over, and another holiday season is already upon us? That means it’s time to gather with family and friends and enjoy all that the festivities have to offer. Additionally, it’s common to have tons of pictures taken to document the joyous moments. If you have stained teeth, though, the thought of posing for photos may be a little daunting. Here’s how teeth whitening in Pasadena can help!


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