Stocking Stuffer Ideas That are Good for your Child’s Teeth

December 23, 2022

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It isn’t the holidays without a set of stockings hung up on the mantle. But the typical stocking stuffers—caramels and candy canes—can be pretty rough on your kids’ teeth. Fortunately, there are some gifts that fill out a stocking, that your children will love, and that will actually prevent oral health problems. If you want some tooth-healthy stocking stuffer ideas, here are a few that your kids will love.

Electric Toothbrush

Giving your kids a toothbrush as a gift may sound a little silly, but electric toothbrushes have features that can make dental hygiene fun! It can sometimes be a little difficult to have your kids brush for the recommended two minutes, so some electric toothbrushes play music that can keep them engaged while they clean. Some toothbrushes even connect to apps that turn brushing into a game!

You can also encourage kids to take ownership of their oral health by getting them toothbrushes with their favorite colors and characters. Typical toothbrushes can be a little bit “medical,” so it might be nice for your child to have something that feels like it’s truly theirs.

Tooth-friendly Treats

While it may not always seem like it, there are plenty of holiday treats that aren’t also killer on teeth. It’s best to avoid hard candies that can damage teeth when your child bites down on them. Sticky candies can also make a mess in the mouth that’s hard to clean up. If your child is missing toffee, softer nuts covered in chocolate are a better alternative; they won’t splinter in the mouth, and chocolate doesn’t linger the same way stickier sugars might.

Tasty Dental Products

It can be a challenge to get your kids to take their oral health seriously if they aren’t a fan of minty toothpaste and dental floss. That’s why there are so many dental hygiene products designed for children that contain more appealing flavors. While adults might not find grape or bubblegum toothpaste all that appetizing, kids will love it.

As you can see, you can get your child fun stocking stuffers that can encourage good oral hygiene. If they’ve had a bit too much pie or candy this holiday season, these gifts will help them protect their teeth going into the new year.

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