Restorative Dentistry & Replacement Teeth in Pasadena

Age, daily wear and tear, accidents, decay, and disease damage teeth and negatively impact oral health. Dr. Holmes and Dr. Revel use advanced methods and materials to create smiles that look and feel better than the original! Our dentists deliver conservative solutions that enhance dental function and preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. The results are life changing.

We’re pleased to offer quality solutions to strengthen and renew smiles. Our dentists place white crowns and fillings that look natural look and return comfortable function. We design quality replacement teeth – including fixed bridges and custom dentures and partials – to restore incomplete smiles. Our precision partials contain special attachments that are hidden from view for seamless beauty. Dr. Holmes and Dr. Revel use their advanced training in endodontics to perform single-visit root canal therapy and preserve internally damaged teeth from extraction. Your smile is our top priority – and it shows!

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